How to Get Your Money from Insurance Companies

Of our variety of services, this is one of the most important – helping you get money from insurance companies in a seamless and effective way. Making an insurance claim is a straightforward process especially if you know the right process to follow. If this is your first time to claim compensation, however, you may find the process quite complex. This guide will help you to know how you’ll get tour money from insurance companies.

The easiest way to prepare to file your claim when the need arises is to have your documents in order. You need to have your payment receipts and your policy documents ready.


Step 1: Submit your demand letter


Step 2: Renegotiate your claim


Step 3: Follow Legal Procedures

Step 1: Submit your demand letter

The initial step to getting your money from insurance companies is submitting a demand letter. Here you will clearly indicate the extent of the damages and how you’ve suffered as a result.

Always ensure that your demands are backed by facts and has supportive evidence. For instance, you should have your medical records, police report, and other documents that will justify your claim.
Do not forget to include the amount you want as compensation as a result of the damages.

Step 2: Renegotiate your claim

In response to your claim, the insurance company may offer a lower amount or even refuse to pay. This is where you’ll need to negotiate and prove that you deserve the amount you previously demanded.

As an individual, this may prove to be quite difficult. To stand a better chance of getting your money, you should seek the services of a medical billing company. The experts know the best procedure to follow to get the highest possible compensation.

Step 3: Follow Legal Procedures

If every other avenue fails, you should seek legal help by going to court. If you win, the presiding judge will decide the amount you deserve as compensation.

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Why should I hire a medical billing company instead of hiring an in-house medical billing team?

Hiring a medical billing company is more affordable. With an in-house team, you will incur staffing costs, hiring office space, handling office expenses, and the storage requirements. 

By working with Medi-Help LLC for your USA medical billing needs, you will not incur such costs. All we charge is the cost of our services which is way cheaper and in addition, you’ll get value for your money.

Is it wise to allow another company to handle my billing?

Yes. When a proficient Medical Billing Absecon NJ company is handling your billing and coding needs, you’ll have time for other important tasks. You will concentrate on giving quality medical services as the experts take care of your billing requirements.

Will I get value for my money?

When working with medical billing pros, we’ll take time to update you on your billing and collection progress. We will provide a receivable summary for aged accounts, practice productivity reports, and insurance company’s statistics.

If you have queries, concerns or suggestions, our friendly and professional team will take time to listen to you. With such cooperation, we guarantee an increase in collections by up to 70% which is a good return on your investment.

Will outsourcing my medical billing and coding needs lower administrative headaches?

When you hire us to handle your billing requirements, we’ll take over the task of recruiting, training, and supervising. You’ll no longer worry about renting office space or getting up to date software and computers.

We’ll handle patient inquiries and every other detail related to medical billing and coding. To stay in the loop, all you’ll need is an internet connection in your medical facility!

Will you alert me if contract issues arise?

When working with Medi-Help medical billing experts, we’ll maintain open lines of communication. If a payer reimburses at 75% but your contract indicates 120%, we will notify you immediately. 

And, we’ll not stop at that! Our professionals will make the necessary follow up and ensure that you are duly reimbursed.

What is the process of getting medical billing services?

You’ll begin by sending your work to our billing pros where you can scan, upload, mail or have us pick it.

Once we receive the info, we’ll feed the data and make it available for you on our website. From here, we’ll then get down to business and as trusted insurance company whisperers, we’ll get your money fast.

What documents do I require to send to a medical billing company?

For new patients, we’ll require the patient’s data and insurance info. If a patient has a demographic change or there are changes in his insurance info, we’ll also need the information.

  • For your office patients, you’ll send us the patient’s registration forms
  • For your hospital patients, you’ll send us the Hospital’s Face Sheet
  • You will send us the Encounter Sheets for office patients, and,
  • For hospital patients, you can either send us the hospital sheet containing the procedure and diagnosis or your daily patients’ log sheet.

How much does medical billing services cost?

It depends on your practice size, specialty, and the procedure we’ll use to get your documents. Regardless of all this, we guarantee huge savings compared to what others will charge for similar services.

To make it even better, you will enjoy an overwhelming increase in your revenue collection when working with Medi-Help LLC.

How will I benefit from professional medical billing services?

When entrust your billing and coding needs to our experts you will enjoy:

  • Faster processing of claims
  • Enhanced cash flow
  • Lower denials as there will be little or no medical billing or coding errors
  • Higher profit margins as you will greatly reduce overhead costs
  • Lower administration costs
  • Better service provision to your clients as we handle the complex billing and coding tasks

Are Your Medical Billing Experts Experienced?

We understand that experience has no substitute which is why we only work with highly trained and experienced experts. Your Medical Billing Absecon NJ needs will be handled by a team that understands physicians’ coding and billing needs in detail.